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Our Global Impact

We believe that we have a responsibility to do our best to ensure the food and drink we sell our customers is sourced well. If a product is super cheap, it tends to mean that someone, somewhere is paying the price - probably the farmer or the producer.  Why should we get cheap stuff at someone else's expense. We're not perfect, but we're trying our best. We recognise the global & local responsibility that we have. We use as many fairtrade products as possible and our coffee is specialty grade meaning that farmers get paid a fair wage. We also:

  • Use organic products where possible

  • Promote the use of reusable cups (& have our own for sale)

  • Stock only biodegradable takeaway cups and containers 

  • Bank as ethically as possible

  • And more


We're on an exciting journey and as Clwb Coffi grows please be assured that our global impact is super important to us and we hope it is important to you too. 

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Our Community


We're not going to get tired of saying it: we love Tonypandy! We’ve even got it on a neon sign on the wall. A huge part of our journey in opening Clwb Coffi was that we were fed up of hearing people say 'pandy's dead'. Pandy is not dead - it's a great place with plenty of fantastic businesses that we love.

We're local and it's a huge privilege to have opened a business on our high street. We love how people coming into Clwb Coffi increases footfall in the town. And if you're thinking of starting a business on pandy high street we'd love to chat to you! Things are looking up in Tonypandy.

So please shop local and let's make this town better together


Specialty Coffee

All the coffee in the world is graded on a scale of 1-100. Most stuff you get in the supermarket and in big chains is commercial grade. This means that it's bought cheaply and doesn't taste very nice. Farmers don't tend to get paid very well for this type of coffee. Speciality coffee is graded 80 or above - it tastes incredible and farmers get paid fairly because of the quality.

We've chosen to sell specialty coffee because it tastes so much better and because valuing people is a lot better than valuing profit. That is why our coffee isn't dirt cheap, because it's high quality speciality grade coffee. We are very proud of it.

Because we're super proud of our coffee that's why we only sell whole milk or oat milk - it brings out the flavour of the coffee so much better and makes a more delicious drink. If you want to come and nerd out about coffee with us, we'd love to chat!

Come and visit us, you’ll find a warm welcome. To inquire about hiring our space please get in contact. 

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